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Shenzhen Houyi Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED grow lights, LED nail lamps, underwater LED lights, and LED aquarium lights

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  • Phone: 0086-755-29523578
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    Floor 3, Bldg. 2, Yijiayang Industrial Park, Huaming Rd., Langkou Community, Dalang St., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Houyi Lighting is a manufacturer of specialty lighting products including: LED grow lights, LED nail lamps, underwater LED lights, and LED aquarium lights, etc. The company has extensive experience and expertise in utilizing color spectrum of LED lighting to develop innovative lighting solutions for various niche applications.

Available in different powers, Houyi full spectrum LED grow lights take advantage of the latest high-power light emitting diodes, fine-tuned optics, and efficient thermal management systems. Houyi's products are designed to produce high intensity deep-tissue penetrating light with a wide, uniform light distribution for applications in controlled environments agriculture, commercial horticulture, research greenhouses, and hobby/indoor gardening.

The company introduces LED technology into cosmetic industry by developing a diversified range of LED nail lamps to deliver brilliance and chrominance to nails. LED nail lamps are a safer UV light source compared with conventional UV lamps for curing different colors of resins and turn them into decorative or protective nail coatings.

Houyi carries a selection of IP68 rated LED lights that include wall and recess mount submersible RGB lights for underwater pool and spa lighting. These luminaires are fully sealed, weatherproof, and constructed of marine grade stainless steel housing for durability and corrosion resistance. They're designed to offer outstanding performance with a vibrant spectrum of colors while significantly reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

LED aquarium lights developed by Houyi allow a simulated sunrise and sunset that promote growth for specific marine plant and animal life. These waterproof, low-voltage and long lasting LED lighting systems combine multiple LEDs of specific wavelengths with spatial control of spectral output for appropriate spectrum to optimize the habitat environment and highlight the color and brilliance of your fish.

By harnessing the power of LED technology, Houyi turns concepts into viable lighting applications. Houyi's continuous investment in design, technology and infrastructure ensures successive generations of innovative lighting products.
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